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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Less than 48 hours left!!!!

Am I a little nervous? Not little....but a LOT. Have not been able to sleep well just thinking about it.Am I excited? Absolutely. Who would not be. Feels like when I started sky diving a few years back, but just the anticipation is much longer. Well...we are there now.

Trying to figure out how are we going to keep this blog updated with our status. Dwight has the SatPhone but we will use it only for emergency. Probably I will text my cousin who will send an eMail to my blogger address that will get published real-time at the same time sending a link to my FB status. So, probably no pictures until we get back to Amsterdam on our return flight. Well, maybe a summit picture if we have a signal. No promises.
You will not believe this - I have not yet packed. Everything is spread around on the floor. Kinda looks like my office desk ;-) But I still have time tomorrow morning and evening. No worries.
Tonight - Sendoff dinner to the team by Renee
Tomorrow - Lunch at J.Gumbo with a dear friend
Day after - Off we go!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Will wait for the updates and the pics..
    Dont wait till the last moment, finish packing and relax... Take one of your Ganesha collections with you.
    Happy Ganesha Chatruthi.
    Have a safe trip.
    Take care.