Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for improving education and literacy in Africa.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Solio saved me!! Thank you Solio!

 To document our adventure, I had with me my Panasonic camera with a few batteries and my iPhone. There were some location (GPS enabled) apps that I was using to track my progress to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The full trip was over 10 days and I wanted to make sure that I have enough "juice" to power my camera and my iPhone. So, I had taken two Solio Classic chargers with me. These chargers were life savers. Each camera battery lasted for about 300 pics and I was taking about that many each day. If I did not have the Solio chargers I would not have been able to take pictures after day 3 and would not have been able to plot our position using my GPS apps. I would absolutely recommend these chargers to anyone who is going to be without power for over a day. The capacity of these chargers is much much better than any other charger currently available. Not kidding you, but on one charge of Solio, I could fully charge two camera batteries and my iPhone from 65% to 95%. Show me a charger that can beat that.
Having said that, I believe Solio has come out with a new model - The Bolt which claims to charge itself faster and also charges devices faster. It is also said to have just one standard (USB) connection instead of the previous models that had various adapters. I have not yet tested it but I plan to use it on my next expedition - Sand Hiking in the Thar desert. I am sure there will be plenty of sun for this adventure ;-)
Here are some pics of me with my Solio. Enjoy !!!
Solio getting ready for the day
Solio on a dusty trail
Solio on a cloudy day
Solio at rest
Finally.... Solio on the Summit of Kilimanjaro
Solio at the end of a long day

Here is a link to the Solio site.