Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for improving education and literacy in Africa.

My inspiration

A news clip about my uncle (Narayan Mahajan) as shown on NTD Television headquartered in New York.

No sooner had I published the first edition of Aba's photo album in November 2010, he set another world record. This time it was in Rappelling. At the age of 91 he set a new high for people of all ages by climbing a mountain 3,500 feet above sea level, tying himself to ropes, and rappelling across a 1,200 feet deep valley from top of one peak to another in India's western state of Maharashtra on Sunday February 20, 2011.
Here is a link to the updated second edition of the album.

Ninety-one year old mountain high

Updated: 04:48, Tuesday February 22, 2011

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Age is no limit for Narayan Krishna Mahajan. 

The ninety-one-year old set a new high inspiration for people of all age groups by climbing a mountain 3,500 above sea level without any help or assistance, but for a walking stick as an occasional aid.
He tied himself to ropes, and rappelled from the top of the peak to the peak of another hill in India's western state of Maharashtra on Sunday (February 20).

Mahajan said that he performed the adventure to instil the new age youngsters to be motivated to engage in outdoor sports and actions. 'I don't consider myself as old, because I believe that if one's attitude is strong, the body would also be fit. The body should be maintained healthy since childhood. I have done this to boost the morale of the youngsters and they don't get scared and participate in such activities,' Narayan Krishna Mahajan said.

Mahajan said that he was not aiming to set a record but only with an intention to encourage people to have a healthy and active lifestyle. 'Don't sit within the confines of your house, before the computer and television. Come out on the ground and play games like hockey, football, go for trekking, climb mountains and stay healthy. Then you will stay healthy at old age as well,'

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