Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for improving education and literacy in Africa.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Send off dinner by Renee to the team - at Cafe Istanbul @ Easton

The team (Dwight, Curtis, Tanny-John, and I) were treated for dinner at Cafe Istanbul by Renee. Was awesome to get together and go through the check list. Everyone had already finished their packing many times over and here I was with everything just lying around in my living room. Any way, it is done now.

I will be taking my camera, Quik Pod (Thanks Wayne for sending me a few models to take to Kili and see how they work), a bunch of GU electrolyte tablets (Thanks GU Labs for sponsoring me), and a couple Solio Chargers (Thanks Solio for sponsoring me).

My packing is now almost done... probably will be lighter when I give some chemical warmers to Dwight and Curtis. And some honey stingers too. And then I also will be leaving my iPad, charger, etc down at the outfitter office so this will lighten the load too.

Cannot wait...

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  1. Dwight,

    Joyce and I are keeping track of your progress and wishing you the best with a safe climb to the "TOP OF AFRICA". It looks very challenging after viewing the dvd that Rubye sent home with us.

    God Speed,
    James & Joyce