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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow!! Saved another $15 just by making one phone call

So, a few weeks back (6-8 weeks) I was browser shopping for stuff I need to take with me to Kilimanjaro. I was browsing the Cabela's web site. They specialize in outfitting stuff. I saw a warmer pack combo for $24.99 that was on sale. So, I just added it to the cart and thought I will checkout later. Then I forgot all about it until today. But unfortunately when I went back to the web site, it was no more on sale. Now it was priced at $39.99. So, I call customer service and start my sweet talk... bottom line, the lady gave me the sale price.
Amazing customer service.... Wish everyone was like this. No no.... I forgot. Everyone IS like this. Well everyone I call is nice to me and they give me good price.  ;-)

Workout today was 2 miles of walking, tried running but ended up crawling. But that is ok. At least my legs did not stop working like last time.

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