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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looks like I have recovered....nearly 100%

It has been a few weeks since my last post. Training is again picking up. Hiked with my backpack last Saturday. Did about 6 miles. The week was OK. Trying to catch up to my running schedule.

Last week ordered me a pair of hiking shoes from Sierra Trading Post. I would strongly recommend you to use this web site. For one the prices are really good. Lots of items on sale and clearance. And best of all is their customer service. Phones are handled by 'real' people who are in the US of A. There is no hold and you don't have to listen to the music. Yes. That is 24x7. I could not believe it. Last week when I placed my order I called them at about 9pm and within like 15 seconds a lady picks up the phone. They even gave me 20% additional discount over and above the clearance price drop. While I was at it I asked if she could wave off the shipping and guess what.....yes. I got free shipping too. Shoes came in a few days back. Were a size bigger. The box came with a return UPS label. Sent them back today for a smaller size. Called them. No problem at all.

Then this morning was supposed to hike 8 miles with back pack. Weather was not too good. Lots of rain. So, instead went to the gym and ran for two hours. Did about 10.5 miles. Thought I would be dead by then but surprisingly I feel pretty good. Specially after the run when I finished a 'foot long' subway.

Looks like after all I will be able to finish my half-marathon in May.

आज दिवस भर पाउस आहे. पाय थोड़े धुखत आहेत पण जास्ती नाही. आता वर्ती जाऊन थोडा वेळ एखादा पिक्चर पाहीन नाहीतर गेम खेलीन.

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  1. Hi,
    Isn't it good to actually talk to a "real person" when you ring some of these places.

    Sounds like you gave yourself a really good workout today, good on you, and all the best.

    Thank You very much for visiting my blog at blogger, Anything and Everything by Mags 118 and Thank You for your comment.