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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just back from a 6 day Desert Hiking Expedition (in the Great Indian Thar Desert)

This was one of the best vacations I ever had. Imagine spending time hiking in the desert with a 93 year old legend for 6 full days. I thought it would be easy...but reality sunk in after the second day of walking in the desert sands. It reminded me of the day that I was very tired hiking Kilimanjaro. Absolutely amazing sights, sounds, and smells ;-)
Thanks again to QuikPod and Solio who helped tremendously in making our expedition memories.

I carried with me the QuikPod Explorer. This was voted the most popular gadget by our team. With this device I could take videos of me interviewing people while we were actually walking in the desert sands, riding on a camel, etc. There is no way that you would think I was holding my own camera. Very soon I will be posing these interviews so you can see for yourself how this handy gadget made our expedition a very memoriable one. By the end of the trip everyone on the team wanted one....finally I succumbed and gave mine to a new friend I made on the trip. Now I don't have any... :(

I also carried with me the Solio Bolt (solar charger) and this also was popular with the team since many of them burned out their cell phone batteries and camera batteries in the first few days. This is a very handy gadget to charge just about any battery - camera or cell. It had enough juice by end of each day to charge at least two camera or cell phone batteries. Absolutely amazing product and a very must have for all hikers who are planning to be away from civilization for more than a few days.

Now we are in the planning stages for an expedition to Everest Base Camp. If the logistics do not work, it would be an expedition to Roopkund - a glacial lake in the Himalayas at an height of about 16,500 feet. Not sure if I will be able to take time off but will try. I hope QuikPod and Solio will continue to sponsor me on this upcoming expedition too.

Will be posting some pictures and videos soon. Or...become my FaceBook friend (send me your details too since I do not accept requests from people I do not know) and see the pictures.


  1. I'm enjoying my vicarious life through your adventures. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you got time with your uncle. What an amazing man and inspiration. I'll join you on Everest (in spirit)!

  2. Yes. He is an amazing person. Thanks for your comment. In case you change your mind about Everest Base Camp and want to join us, do let me know. ;-)