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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did my first 5K after 10 days of down time... feel good

My earlier post was about 5 days back when I was thinking about buying a Solar charger for my phone. Finally bought one. The same one - Solio Classic Charger. On the Solio web site it was $99.99 with taxes AND shipping. Well...for people who know me, I will never buy anything unless it is on sale or they give me a discount code or they wave shipping. So, the Solio guys gave me a discount code for 10% off. For a guy like me, thats just a start but not sufficient enough for me to place an order. So, did some more searches and finally bought one on-line for less than $35. Yes. It is the original Solio. Yeah!!!!  Works just awesome. Tested it by charging with a wall socket and also with the laptop. Works like a charm. Now looking forward to test it in the sun. Unfortunately for the last two days it is overcast and snowing. Will have to wait for it.

News on my shin splints - nearly recovered. Went for a 5K run yesterday. Did it in 30 mins and then shins were a slight bit tender. Not bad. Then went to Fleet Feet to get my feet checked. They fitted me with a pair of shoes. Will be running in these shoes for a week or so and if it does not work I have to go back and get a new pair fitted. Looks like they are pretty good but will be sure after running about 15-20 miles in them.

Today is my day to do "hill" with my mask on. Planning on doing 3 miles in one hour with 13 degree incline. Just trying to follow what Dwight is doing. He has all the calculations for height per mile etc...and I am so good with numbers (you know it Kim) that I get dizzy trying to deal with it.  ;-)

Then going with a friend to UDPI... somehow I have fallen in love with their 'sambar'. I never liked it until last year. That's all for now...

Hope you all have a good weekend (of whatever is left of it).
Take care


  1. Good to see the arms are getting shorter while the pockets stay deep :-)

    also , remember when you are running with your mask on, look out for that old lady who has dialed 9-1 and is just waiting to see if you pause by her walkway to dial the last 1.

  2. Glad to know that u bought the Solio, u r very lucky with the discounts .... short arms with deep pockets :).. If ur going in september the temp will be between 60F to 80F ur Solio should work... am sure there must be nework coverage there ??

  3. @Nate: You are just Nate. Just by reading the comment I would have guessed it is you. ;-)
    @Sree: Start of the expedition should be ok, but at the summit, Uhuru Point, the night time temperatures can range between 0 and -15 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -26 degrees Celsius). And our base camp before summit will be inside the crater. That night will be Brrrr!!!!