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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just finished the 10K ;-)

Just finished the 10K this morning and was very happy with my time - 58 minutes and 21 seconds. Yeah!!  This was my best time. Now here is the real story behind this run if you really really want to know....A big lesson that I learned.

I had diarrhea this Friday late afternoon.... I told you. Continue reading if you really really want to know the details. Diarrhea carried on through Saturday. But was feeling pretty good this morning when I woke up. Had a cup of tea early morning, then a small glass of OJ at Dwight's place, then a few minutes before the race had some coconut water. Thought that would keep me hydrated. Had no idea of how dehydrated a person can get due to diarrhea. But learned my lesson pretty hard.

When I was at the 2 mile marker I started having cramps in my right calf. Tried to struggle a few feet but just could not take any more steps. Had to stop and lean to the side and shake my leg. Jeff stopped by to see if I needed help. I asked him to carry on. Then Dave also stopped by in a few minutes but I asked him to carry on too. Chetan said Hi and passed by. I started walking after a few minutes. Limping. Then after a few minutes started jogging. Then a couple more friends passed by. And I continued to chug along. Stopping and walking and then again picking up speed.

Finally I was at the 4 mile mark and the 28 minute pacer passed me. I was so so happy that I was not so far behind as I thought I would be. Then at the 5 mile mark the 30 minute pacer caught up with me. I refused to lag behind this pacer. Trying my best, one foot after another. Then came the turn that told me last 300 meters to go. And then I could see the finish at a distance. The 30 minute pacer goes to the right since he was doing the 15K and I was doing the 10K. Last 300 meters were not going by fast enough. I could not see anyone around me. Just the ground and the finish line. Finally I saw the big clock at the finish line. It read 58:11 and I was so so thrilled, I picked up speed in the last 100 meters or so. So focussed that I could not even see Dwight and others who were taking pictures at the finish line.

Finally I crossed the finish line and I sat down to catch my breath. I was wet all over. Could not even say a full sentence when Dwight came over. The only thing going on in my mind was....YES. I did it under one hour. Moral of the story....diarrhea can cause severe dehydration which could lead to cramps while running.

Now in the next two weeks is the CapCity Half Marathon (May 5th). I will be happy if I can just do it better than last year. That is all I am shooting for now.... wait..wait. There is also the Dragon Boat Race (May 28th) that I am participating in. I better be in shape since I am the Captain of our team. ;-)

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