Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for improving education and literacy in Africa.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Count down begins.... 59 days to go.

Last month doctor confirmed stress fractures (looking at the bone scan). So I have stopped running since last couple months. Next week probably he will put me on some Vitamin D supplements. I am allowed to walk 8-10 miles this week for every other day. Next week will be doing a little more. This morning did a 11.4 mile walk. Legs do not hurt at all but need to take it easy until the fractures are all healed so I can summit Mt. Kili in Sept. Packing has started..but slowly. Trying out various GU gels. Seems like the GU chomps are working out good. Used them at the half marathon in May and they worked  like a charm. Will probably get more of those for Kili.
Getting a little nervous about the climb. No running water for over 10 days. No shower etc for 10 days. Looking for substitute wipes that I can carry. Have not yet got my Diamox and Lunesta. Have to do that soon. Checking on a bandana. Using soft inserts for shoes and they are working perfect with the Merrill shoes. Now I know why my brother (Sunil) will just wear Merrill and nothing else. ;-)


  1. very exciting bro :-) I am sure you have planned everything to the very smallest detail :-))
    I will be with you all the way :-)

    Tu chal mai aaya :-) lol lol

  2. Thanks for being there. Will be thinking of you. As usual will be carrying flags of India, Australia, UK, South Africa, Tanzania, and of course the U S of A.

    Thanks for your support.