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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Done with running for least until I am back from Mt. Kilimanjaro

Last week May 8th, participated in the Capital City Half Marathon. When I registered (4 months prior) I had hoped to finish it in 2 hours 30 mins. I was using Smart Coach (iPhone App) for training but 4 weeks before the race I developed stress fractures and had to stop my running. But I did go crazy on the day before the race and was determined to finish it. Did it in 2:21 and now am nursing my legs again. I know I is stupid. But well I did it. Lets not talk about my stupid.

Then this Saturday went to Pitts to cheer my cousin. Could not believe the crowd. 18,000 people. Race start was absolutely amazing. They had kept distances between each Coral. That helped. All along the course they had groups of people entertaining and cheering the runners. Actually they had a $1,000 prize for the best mile marker entertainment (I think). That made it much better. Everything was just awesome EXCEPT the organization at the finish line.

I was expecting the finish to be like our finish in Columbus where the runners are greeted with a medal and then they could walk in open space with food etc..where the family members could greet and take pictures. But in Pitts the family members were not allowed anywhere after the crossing of the finish line. A big area was fenced off for the runners to rest and get refreshments after which they came out of that area (after like 20 mins after the finish). So that was a bummer.

One thing I would like the CapCity Half to do next time is have some competition on the course and give prizes to the best entertainers and cheer leaders.

Now I am back to starting my training for Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hopefully my legs will get better soon.

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